Skin Cancer Treatment

By Lisa Silbret M.D.
May 03, 2018
Category: Dermatologist
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Skin cancer affects one in five adults and is the most common type of cancer among adults in the United States. Early detection of skin skin cancercancer increases the odds of successfully treating the cancer. Having your skin regularly checked by a dermatologist to examine for the development of new suspicious moles or unusual changes in the shape and color of existing ones is an effective method for early detection of skin cancer. Dr. Lisa Silbret and Dr. Alan Schechter are your dermatologists for early detection of skin cancer, as well as skin cancer treatments in Manalapan, NJ.

Types of Skin Cancer

There are several types of skin cancer, but basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the most common. Years of chronic sun exposure can damage the skin and lead to the development of either type of carcinoma. A third type of skin cancer known as melanoma is the least common, but most deadly. Melanoma is the leading cause of skin cancer related deaths among adults in the United States. It is responsible for more deaths than any other type of skin cancer. 

Skin Cancer Treatments in Manalapan

There are several methods for treating skin cancer. The treatment method used depends on the type of skin cancer, as well as its stage of development. After diagnosing your specific type of skin cancer, your dermatologist will recommend the appropriate treatment.

Early detection of any type of skin cancer offers the best chances for successfully treating the cancer, as well as stopping it from spreading. Several skin cancer treatments are available in Manalapan, NJ. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Silbret or Dr. Schechter, your dermatologists for the treatment of skin cancer, call the office at (732) 303-1500.